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Greater Chattanooga Area Crime Stoppers

Get to Know Us

The Greater Chattanooga Aea Crime Stoppers Chattanooga is a nonprofit organization that encourages members of the community to assist the Chattanooga Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by providing anonymous tips. By overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement, fear and apathy, we aim to create a safer community for all. Help us make a difference today.

At Crime Stoppers, we believe that every member of our community can play a role in creating a safer environment. Our mission is to empower individuals to take action against crime by providing a safe and anonymous way to share information with law enforcement. By working together, we can make our neighborhoods and city a better place to live.

Our Approach

Our Partners

The Greater Chattanooga Area Crime Stoppers is proud to partner with a variety of organizations in our community who share our commitment to fighting crime and creating a safer environment for all. Together, we work to build strong relationships between law enforcement and the community, and to promote awareness and education about crime prevention.

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